Theme Changelog

We’ll keep you up to date with all of our theme’s version updates. This is the current changelog for RankHigherTheme®:


- Added: A "Tick Box" style variation to product filter menus.
- Added: Optional labels above navigation menu items. ("Sale", "New" etc.)
- Added: Carousel setting to product grid sections.
- Added: Static "Services" section to the page header.
- Added: More visibility settings for store icons in the header.
- Added: More settings available for banners on mobile displays.
- Improved: Better cart page layout and styling.
- Improved: Schema data now uses LD+JSON. Google's recommended method.
- Improved: Currency switcher now uses Shopify currency object for better performance.
- Improved: Previously collapsed filter menus will stay expanded whenever there's a filter active.
- Changed: Canonical functionality now uses metafields for better control.
1.0.0 - Initial Release.

SERPs and AAP Theme

2.1.0 - Next stable release.
- Redesign of the collection products to include values for savings.
- Updates and fixes to various site elements.
- Fixed: Mega menu banners were not clickable when a URL is provided.
2.0.6 - Improvement: Higher quality product images on retina devices.
- Improvement: Password page settings have now been moved into sections, and a few more settings added.
- Improvement: A few improvements in CSS code.
- Improvement: Filter menus will be ignored if no tags exists.
- Added: Wishlist functionality with "Wishlist Pro" integration.
- Added: Size Guides for Brands/Vendors.
- Added: A 'Featured Product' Setting.
- Added: YouTube videos are now supportted in banners.
- Added: Layout options for collection pages.
- Fixed: Products were not showing up in product grid section.
2.0.5 - Important Fix: Items weren't being added to cart if no variants exist.
- Variant names now display correctly on the cart page.
- Added custom CSS setting in the theme settings.
2.0.4 - Added ability to toggle text on and off for header icons.
- Updates to JS, CSS and LIQUID files.
2.0.3 - Added currency switcher module.
- Added Instagram feed module.
- Updated AAP filters to use all eight.
- Social icons now availabel as a footer module.
- Improved responsiveness.
2.0.2 - Added responsiveness.
- Setting to disable AAP on collection pages that don't require it.
- CSS and JS tweaks.
2.0.1 - Added Canonicalisation of URLs via whitelisting.